After a major fire ripped through a Warren apartment complex this past weekend, the community is coming together to assist tenants in Hampshire House apartments affected by the blaze. 

"We took a negative and we're making it a positive. It's what we do," said Sharon Cook, Admin of Warren Breaking News Facebook page

"We've seen the church's step up, our school system has stepped up, our community has stepped and so, that is what is making this a success," said Nikita Warfield-Owens, Minister at Restoration Christian Fellowship Church.

As several families are displaced from their homes, Warren community activists along with members from Restoration Christian Fellowship Church are coming together to collect household items they may have lost.

"I noticed on Facebook that she [Cook] had posted about the donation and a lot of people were saying, 'Where can we drop off, where can we drop off?' I reached out my pastor and he said go for it, and we opened up our doors so that they had a space," Warfield-Owens said. 

Members from the church personally know tenants living in Hampshire House and told 21 News they feel a stronger pull to help them.

Thousands of clothing items and household supplies were already brought to the local church. After 21 News spoke with apartment fire victims, they're in shock of how much the community has come together to support them. 

"I am floored by the response from the community but I'm also overjoyed there are still good people" Warfield-Owens added. 

"We will still be collecting items at least for the next couple of weeks," Warfield-Owens said. "We are also leaving the facilities open for families to come in and get what they need."

The church is still looking for cleaning supplies, housewares items and girls and boys clothing. Specifically, girls size 8-10 and 14-16. 

They are accepting donations around the clock.