Another shooting in Youngstown over the weekend has people who live in the city fed up with all the violence and they're calling for peace in their neighborhoods.

On the night of July 29, a rain of gunfire could be heard on South Portland Avenue, with video surveillance from residents on the street showing two figures firing aimlessly into the neighborhood.

People in the area tell 21 News they heard several gun shots.

"Between thirty and forty gun shots, they hit all my neighbors houses, including mine, I've got five holes in my house," said Shawn Georgiadis of Youngstown.

That damage is taking Georgiadis days to repair and he tells 21 News he's lived on South Portland for more than thirty years, never seeing anything like this.

"It's becoming a current problem around us and it's getting closer and closer to us," Georgiadis said.

Georgiadis says police have been talking to him and are actively investigating, but he just wants there to be peace in his neighborhood again.

"It's scaring all my neighbors, we have young people around us," said Georgiadis. "The last thing I want to watch is one of my neighbors being carried out in a body bag," he said.

Some neighbors are rethinking living in the city, for fear of their safety. Georgiadis says his message to the gunmen is, "This isn't a video game, this is real life. Life's too short to live by a gun and die by a gun," he said.

Youngstown Police did not respond to our request for comment.