A student of St. Joseph the Provider was arrested on Monday, September 26 after bringing a loaded a gun onto a school after saying they were tired of "being picked on all the time."  

Police responded to the corner of West Wood and Wick after a Youngstown City School bus driver reported the incident. 

According to reports, the bus driver called Youngstown Police and said that they had taken a gun from a young girl on the bus after a fellow student notified the bus driver that the young girl had a weapon.

The firearm found was a 9mm semiautomatic weapon and had a magazine containing 4 bullets, and allegedly belong to the students mother. 

The student was taken off the bus, arrested, and taken to the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center and arraigned Tuesday, September 27. 

They are facing a 4th degree felony charge for carrying a concealed weapon, charges of improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle, illegal conveyance of possession of a deadly weapon or dangerous ordinance in a school and safety zone. 

The student has denied the charges, and was ordered to remain in the Justice Center pending her next court hearing. A psychological and mental health assessment has also been ordered. 

The Youngstown Police Department and the Youngstown Diocese are currently investigating the situation.