The Raymond John Wean Foundation recently hosted the first of three lectures in its "Equitable Organizations Learning Series."

The first session, titled "Equitable Pay as a Strategic Imperative" focused on the topic of pay equity, what it is, why it's important and how to develop strategies to achieve pay equity for non-profits.

Community investment grantees from six non-profits including Economic Action Group, Heart Reach Neighborhood Ministries, Inspiring Minds, Organizacion Civica y Cultural Hispana Americana (OCCHA), United Returning Citizens and Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership are participating in these workshops.

The interactive workshop was facilitated by JSK Solutions owner, Jennifer Kelsch and Gradient founders and senior partners, Jerry Pena and Victor Ruiz.

"Investments in talent return dividends in the form of increased organizational capacity and effectiveness," Kelsch said.

Kelsch added with the cost of inflation, both non-profits and funders should consider increased asks and explained when a non-profit is requesting the same amount as the previous year, they are actually asking for less in the current economy.

Those in attendance were asked to begin developing their own strategic goals through an equity and inclusion lens.

The groups will convene again on November 3 where they will share these goals with one another and learn strategies for navigating conversations with funders and board members to achieve pay equity.