A community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 at 6:00 p.m. at the Beaver Local High School auditorium regarding a proposed landfill in the West Point area.

According to a flier sent to 21 News by Madison Township Citizen's Council member, Jamie Nentwick-Haney, West Point Renewables is operating a transfer station for garbage out of the old Rosebud Fly Ash plant on Route 45.

Currently, the company has trash delivered to its holding garage to be transported to its landfill in Pennsylvania according to the flier. However, West Point Renewables is now proposing to turn the property on Route 45 into a landfill. 

Opponents of the landfill say it "would bring garbage from all over the world right on our doorsteps."

This is not the first time residents of this area have fought to protect it from a landfill. In 2014, residents of the West Point area gathered to protest against a landfill being built here.

Residents then argued that putting a landfill here was dangerous and could affect nearby streams such as Little Beaver Creek.