The fate of railroad transportation is still in limbo as many union workers rejected another agreement.

If negotiations don't lead to a deal, it's sure to have a major impact on the flow of goods across the country and the state of Ohio.

Ohio Council of Retail Merchants President & CEO Gordon Gough said if a strike happens, it will be "devastating" for the holiday season and beyond.

"Railroad strike would be hurtful for the holiday season as many of us understand, rail is one piece of a transportation network for moving goods across the United States," Gough said, "We are optimistically hopeful that the railroad strike will be handled, but if it's not, it will be devastating."

While many retailers may be stocked for the holiday shopping season, retail experts said many things such as perishable foods and e-commerce items would face an "enormous disruption" and most likely would not be delivered in time.

Former Ohio State Senator and House Rep Bob Hagan has worked in the railroad industry for 50 years. Hagan spent years in Washington D.C. fighting for railroad labor changes and said work has gotten more intense, while time off has not.

"They want more time with their families and as you can see when they're getting a $5,000 agreement, they're making 27% more, but they still want to spend more time with their family and that seems to be the biggest issue," Hagan said.