A political science professor at Grove City College has been named editor of popular conservative publication, The American Spectator.

Dr. Paul Kengor, who had already served as a senior editor and regular contributor to the publication was selected by American Spectator founder and longtime editor-in-chief, R. Emmett Tyrrell Junior.

Kengor said the one condition to accept the offer was that nothing changes for him at Grove City College and the Institute of Faith and Freedom; a conservative think tank which Kengor serves as the senior director and chief academic fellow.

Tyrrell says Kengor is well versed in the magazine both as a contributor and as a scholar and has been a key developer of new and successful contributors through the magazine's Young Writers Program.

Under Kengor's instruction, over a dozen Grove City College students have become interns, writers and even full time employees of the magazine in recent years. Some of which even going on to prominent positions in other organizations. 

Dr. Kengor noted that Tyrrell and the rest of the magazine's staff have been very impressed with the student's contributions to the publication.

"They've ranged from interns to Tyrrell's personal assistant on his memoirs to the person who ran the entire office a few years back," Dr. Kengor said.

Kengor says he aims to keep the magazine "funny, hilarious and politically incorrect with fearless wit, great writers and great writing."