A Sebring man and his girlfriend were put in jail over the weekend for allegedly locking a girl in her bedroom and nailing the windows shut.

Samuel Sweely, 58, is the custodial parent of a female juvenile who was allegedly disciplined by being locked in her room at their West Ohio Avenue home.

Police say they found out what happened when they were called to the home to investigate a report of an unruly juvenile. 

Police learned from officials at Sebring McKinley school that the girl was locked in her room and only allowed to come out to use the bathroom.

The door is locked and the window is screwed shut.

In addition, police say she is allowed to eat dinner after parents and siblings are done.

The girl alleges that her dad hit her with a belt 7 times and her stepmother smacked her in the face 3 times.

Police did not disclose the age of the girl.

Sweely and his 53-year-old girlfriend Aimee Loveland were booked into the county jail on one felony count of child endangering, as well as misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assault.

Both are scheduled to make court appearances on Thursday.

Police say it was in the best interest of the children to temporarily remove them from the home.