14-year-old Elliana Montgomery was struck by an SUV that drove off on Parkman Road, just south of Lit'l Mac Food Store in Warren early Saturday evening and is now undergoing several surgeries.

Witnesses made the first calls to 911 after noticing her lying on the road unresponsive. According to police reports, the SUV that struck her fled the scene shortly after the initial impact. Now, police are in the process of trying to find who this driver was. 

This comes as the teen's mother told 21 News that her daughter is undergoing several surgeries in the Akron Children's Hospital ICU.

21 News also spoke with the aunt and cousin of the young girl who saw this all happen in front of them. They said Parkman Road poses a risk to pedestrians and the safety of the area should be evaluated.

"Do the right thing, turn yourself in," said Meghan Crockett, Elliana's aunt. 

Meghan and Ahlyvia describe Elliana Montgomery as more like a daughter and sister than a niece and cousin.

"They were going to have a girls night and go to the movies and it ended like this," Meghan explained. 

Worries continue for the close-knit family as Ahlyvia even witnessed the hit-and-run when they were about to walk to the store.

"I'm walking out the door and I'm going down the sidewalk and as soon as she stepped in the road the car hit her," Ahlyvia told 21 News. 

Ahlyvia described a white SUV slowing down before hitting the 14-year-old and then speeding off after the accident.

"I was laying in the road crying," Ahlyvia said. "I couldn't breathe. I was crying. I was screaming. I was yelling at everybody. I was cussing."

The family said Parkman Road poses a safety hazard for pedestrians, especially children. The family said traffic lights near the accident were recently turned into flashing lights.

"They've taken two lights out and put blinking lights in," Meghan added. "They need to put the lights back in so people can slow down and be aware of teenagers crossing the road."

As the family told 21 News she's facing injuries including a shattered pelvis and two broken legs, frustration builds as no one has turned themselves in after the accident as of Monday evening.

As Warren Police continue to investigate, gathering surveillance footage is the next step in finding the driver behind the wheel.