In an emergency minutes can make the difference between life and death, but often critical information about the patient is lacking. 

The East Palestine Fire Department is working to change that for it's residents so they can provide better service to it's residents and hopefully help save lives.

 When First Responders arrive to a scene sometimes the person or persons who need assistance can't respond. During those times knowing a person's allergies, and medical history can mean the difference between life and death.
Examples include someone who is in a vehicle crash, diabetic, in cardiac distress, or allergic to bee stings or peanuts and could go into anaphylactic shock.
Anaphylaxis can cause death. 
To help provide that critical information to First Responders East Palestine Fire Department held a meet and greet at the Community Center. Where they provided information about My ID to residents and why signing up could benefit them.
"It's kind of like the old Medical Alert bracelet or old Vials of Life Program, however this is with new technology. It's a QR code that we're able to scan and it will bring up your pertinent information medically related. There is no information that anybody can take and steal your ID with. It's just for us to be able to take care of patients who aren't able to communicate with us," East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick said.
By joining MY ID a cloud based Medical Information system you can provide vital information about existing conditions, medications and allergies, plus contact information in an emergency.
Drabick added, "There is also a piece in there where we can notify an emergency contact and it sends out a GPS location of where your at and the fact your with an ambulance, so that person knows what's going on,"
Residents got to pick out a wearable device such as key fob, bracelet, watch band, wallet card, stickers and other times with a QR code that First Responders can scan to obtain vital information.
"Hopefully we'll have everything back in about two weeks, and we'll have another one similar to this, and if you need your profile set p we'll be glad to set your profile up as well as link your QR code with that information," EMT and EPFD Outreach Coordinator Darlene Chapman said.
 Chapman emphasized, "It better helps us serve our patients."
The Fire Department is providing an initial device to residents of East Palestine and Union Township at no cost thanks East Palestine and civic donors who have contributed 5, thousand dollars. 
It could take three years to roll out the program for everyone. 
East Palestine Fire Department is accepting donations from civic organizations for this program.
"I think it's very critical and I think it's a great program," Virginia Spear said. 
If you missed today's event to sign up you can call the NON-emergency phone number for the fire department 330-426-4341.
You can also reach out through the East Palestine FD Facebook Page.