A Youngstown couple landed in jail early Monday after police say they were called investigate a report that someone was waving a gun during a fight outside an Austintown bar.

Officers say they broke up a fight next to cars parked outside Shotz Bar N Grille on Oakwood Avenue just after 2 a.m.

Police say when they first asked 34-year-old Rose Jackson and her 36-year-old husband Michael Jackson if they had a gun, neither answered.

Rose Jackson told officers that she was struck by a woman, and she struck the woman back.  Her husband told police that he had been hit by a security officer at the bar.

An officer says in the police report that Rose Jackson eventually admitted that she had a gun, which police found in her pocket.  The report says the pistol had a round in the chamber and a partially loaded magazine.

She was arrested on charges of failure to inform police that she had a weapon and using a weapon while intoxicated.

Her husband was jailed on a warrant for failing to appear in court on a prior charge.