Over the past several years, it's been an all too common situation in Boardman. Heavy rains fall and homes and businesses are left underwater and people are left to pick up the pieces.

It's a multimillion dollar project that Boardman leaders hopes will not only improve the look of the township, but will also go a long way towards solving a big problem.

Its called the Forest Lawn Stonewater Park Project and it's being made possible with help from FEMA. The agency awarded Boardman Township with a $2.1 million grant to reduce flood risk. 

The park will be located at the site of the old market street elementary. New sanitary lines will be installed that will be designed to better handle heavy water flow. Township Administrator, Jason Loree says thousands of residents will benefit from the anti-flood design.

"The water stops the flooding from numerous areas in Boardman along the corridor by having a place for it to sit" Loree added, "Because of the way the water flows in this area and where it comes into, we're talking over 1,100 houses that are impacted directly."

Efforts to reduce water damage will not stop with this project, Loree tells me the township has applied for an additional thirty million dollars in grants to deal with flooding in central Boardman.

"We've been putting the modeling together to look at best ways out of detention, expand pipes and do repairs," Loree said. 

Boardman officials aim to have the project completed by Spring 2024.