It's a common trend that we've seen over the past few years. Newspapers stopping traditional print production and switching to digital platforms.

But for one 79-year-old valley newspaper they are balancing the world between print and digital media.

The Catholic Exponent newspaper is finishing one chapter and starting a new one. The publication produced its 80th and final issue on Friday before launching a new magazine and website called The Catholic Echo.

The Diocese of Youngstown Department of Communications director, Justin Huyck says he's excited about the multimedia reboot.

"We are building on a 79 year history of The Catholic Exponent and while the methods change and the form of media changes, the philosophy is still the same," Huyck said.

Since 1944, the publication served as a spiritual hub for Roman Catholics in the valley, connecting and sharing inspiring stories about catholic life.

Now, the publication is extending their reach in a modern way by balancing print and digital media and retaining their original purpose while expanding to a wider audience.

"Print that hits people mailboxes remains critical and at the same time we need to be online and we need to be connecting to people digitally," Huyck told 21 News

The Catholic Echo website features video programs, televised masses, radio shows and podcasts. The magazine's first issue will be released late spring.