Warren City Council will be meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss potential plans for how to spend ARP money with one council member suggesting a way to keep residents safer.

21 News spoke with 7th Ward Councilman, Ron White about a plan to potentially spend ARP money on doorbell cameras for folks in the neighborhood.

White tells 21 News the main reason for this plan is to keep the community safe from violence and crime, and to bolster response times for first responders.

"You're dealing with a lot of elderly people who need help. They deserve to sit on their porch, they deserve to be in their house watching television without having to worry about invasions, theft, vandalism and shootings," White said.

White went on to say the first year will be provided to residents by the city. After that though, they will have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep the service. White says this fee would be between $4 to $7 per month. 

"We're just looking at who wants it and how we can help you, but eventually you're going to have to pay it yourself," White said.

White says all ARP money must be allocated by 2024 and spent by 2026.

It was the concern for safety from residents that prompted city council to consider this idea. 

"There's been a lot of drive-by shooting, hit and runs. A lot of close calls and what we want to do is try to nip this in the bud," White says.

Participating in the program is optional for residents. The 7th Ward councilman says as of now, city officials are prioritizing senior citizens, disabled people and residents in high crime areas.

As Warren officials seek to combat criminal activity, they encourage residents to watch and report any criminal activity found on their ring doorbell.
Warren Police Captain Robert Massucci says recordings from residents will be safe and secure at the police department.  

"[The footage] is not to be released to the press, its not to be released to the public. These are only used for criminal purposes," Massucci says.

Warren City Council members hope to have the doorbell camera program started by the end of spring.