There was no meeting of the minds between Newton Falls School Board and the City of Newton Falls.
Parents are upset and say their children's safety could in jeopardy without a School Resource Officer for the last 2 months of school. 
They say elected officials who are supposed to put children first need to stop arguing and find a solution.
Newton Falls Village and the school district typically share the cost under a Memorandum of Understanding. In the past the school district picked up the pay, while the city paid for the benefits.
But that contract, or MOU, states upon 30 days notice the city can terminate the agreement and that notice can also be verbal. 
The city manager also sent a follow up e mail.
"The village did not pull the resource officer for the school. We were told they had the sheriff's officer lined up for Friday March 17, then come to find out that wasn't the case," Newton Falls City Manager Pamela Pirddy emphasized.
"I think it makes a lot of our children vulnerable, it makes our staff vulnerable. It puts a lot of people in danger. School shootings, everything all of that is real," Julie Lemon a parent said. 
"If they don't come up with one we will probably pull our two kids that are left here and keep them at home until they figure out what they're doing," Todd Andrukaut a parent told school board members. 
The city manager provided e-mails showing in January she let Superintendent Justin Christopher know the school district needs to pay for the both the pay and the benefits of the School Resource Officer.
In the e mails Superintendent Christopher states he vaguely remembers a conversation.
WFMJ News asked Superintendent Justin Christopher is he would answer our questions or respond to the e mails we were given.
Christopher told parents and WFMJ News he will issue a statement tomorrow.
He tells us the Sheriff's department will walk hallways when they can until this is resolved. 
Others were vocal saying the city leaders need to abide by the contract or MOU, for at least the next two months until school is out.
Some people said the e mails were one sided and they want to see Superintendent Christopher's response to the City Manager and others at Newton Falls City or Village Hall.
We have requested any additional e mails and correspondence regarding the SRO from Superintendent Christopher.
In December 2022 Newton Falls laid off all it's police officers due to a lack of funds.
Newton Falls city maintains it gave notice and the school superintendent maintains it did not.
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