Trumbull County Combined Health District (TCCHD) is offering an opportunity for mothers who quit smoking during and after their pregnancy to get free diapers.

It's called the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program. The program helps pregnant women and a support partner quit smoking while pregnant and continue to quit following the birth of her newborn child.

Through a series of face-to-face counseling sessions, women and families are given tools and support to make a successful quit attempt and are rewarded with free diapers for their success.

According to a press release, research has shown that incentives are a unique and positive manor to aid in behavioral change, with free diapers giving pregnant women an extra reason to quit in addition to the health of their unborn child.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to low birthweight infants, as well as the possibility of cognitive dysfunctions. 

Over 18,000 women and their families across the country have benefitted from this program.