The city of Campbell had to find a solution fast over the weekend after the Mayor learned the city had no emergency ambulance service to protect their community.

Mayor Bryan Tedeso said he's now weighing out new solutions after the alarming situation left the city without its usual ambulance provider, Med Star.

Mayor Bryan Tedesco said he was on "pins and needles" when he found no Med Star staff showed up Saturday and Sunday and said he did not begin to learn answers from the company until Monday afternoon as services continued as usual in Campbell as of Monday.  

"I found out about it Saturday morning about nine, ten o'clock that nobody showed up for work and it was a shock to me because everything was running well," Tedesco said.

21 News has not received an official response from Med Star, but Tedesco said he had a brief conversation with the company over the matter and waiting for an official explanation as to why there were staffing issues.

Med Star also provides help to Struthers, Coitesville and Lowelville and for Campbell, Med Star is their only EMT service, aside from other help received from elsewhere upon request when it's available. 

During the weekend, Tedesco said he called another area provider to step in along with Campbell's fire department to respond initially.

He said this help was crucial, but these are short-term solutions that can't fix a long-term issue.

Tedesco said Campbell does not have a contract with Med Star and blames that on challenges from recent changes in ownership, but now, the Mayor said that needs to change.

"That will make me sleep a little bit easier at night...if we had a contract," he said, "We want to make sure that we have 24-hour coverage for the people of Campbell. They deserve it. They need it. We have an aging community, so that's why I'm so adamant about getting an ambulance service here."

Tedesco said his next move is to talk with Campbell city council members to see how any new plans could fit into the city's budget.