It's said a picture can be worth a thousand words but for one eagle's nest in Columbiana County...a picture is worth a lot more.

"It's just a photographer's dream," says Rebecca Jablonski. 

Rebecca Jablonski is just one of the many photographers who flock to this small strip of the road off Route 11 in Columbiana County to witness our nation's bird in its natural habitat.

"It's the fascination how they care for their babies, their habits, their feeding habits, their gentleness, but yet they have so much strength," adds Jablonski who travels to the nest from Toronto, Ohio.

This nest here in Columbiana County has really gotten the support of a lot of photographers, really becoming a community. Some say they travel over an hour away and spend hours at this location in Columbiana County all to see something you really can't find in too many other places.

It's images like this that generate hundreds of likes and shares on social media, but besides the beauty of the bird, what makes this nest so popular among photographers?

"This is a really good nest, it's really close we are shooting about 130 yards. It's semi unobstructed, there are a lot of twigs you can see but it's a pretty clean nest. The lighting at this nest is good all day long," says Jim Gregio of Coway, Pennsylvania.

"Most of the time you can't see into an eagle's nest, usually you're down and it's way up high. So this is eye level for us," adds Jablonski. 

A link to their Facebook page with more pictures can be found here: WEST POINT EAGLES