A magistrate has suspended the ten-day jail sentence she handed down this week to the man who lunged at a suspect charged in connection with the shooting death of his 15-year-old daughter.

Youngstown Municipal Court Magistrate Meghan Brundege on Friday ordered that 37-year-old Jose Monserrat be released after serving two days of a ten-day sentence she imposed on Wednesday for contempt of court.

Jose Monserrat is the father of Amya Monserrat who was fatally shot while attending a Sweet 16 birthday party at Martha's Boulevard Tavern in Youngstown on April 15.

Magistrate Brundege found the teen's father in contempt of court when he tried to attack 20-year-old Saun Peterson during a hearing to reduce his bond from $1 million to $750,000,

Police charged Peterson with complicity to commit murder for allegedly driving the car involved in the drive-by shooting of the teen.

Court employees and Police immediately stepped in to break up the fight and clear the courtroom.

Jose Monserrat was released from the jail on Friday.





Jose Monserrat Jr.