A Warren man has entered a “not guilty” plea in court after being arrested for allegedly getting someone’s address by pretending he worked for the city police department.

Timothy Boyce, 28, of Warren was arrested by Howland Police on Friday after being charged with personating a police officer.

According to a police report, told a manager at a Dollar General store on Elm Road NE that he was a Warren Police officer and needed the address of an employee to serve a subpoena.

The employee spoke on the phone with the “officer” and gave him her address.

After the corporate manager later sent the employee of picture of the purported police officer, she recognized him as the boyfriend of a woman who had recently been fired from another Dollar General.

The report doesn’t say why the man needed the woman’s address.

A $1,000 bond was set for Boyce during a video arraignment on Monday.  Another hearing in the case is scheduled for June 15.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Warren police charged Boyce with “personating” a police officer, a first degree misdemeanor under Ohio Law, instead of “impersonation” of a peace officer or private police officer which has a variety of criminal levels depending on the offense.