People who take their recycled items to the Austintown Township Park will find themselves taking part in a new pilot program introduced by the Mahoning Green Team.

The recycling bins located near the tennis and pickleball court now display large labels instructing users to place corrugated cardboard into designated bins.

Green Team officials say they are trying to keep the cardboard from being contaminated by other recycled items because there is a larger market for clean cardboard. Only clean cardboard needs to be sorted from other recycled items.

Cardboard recyclers are asked to break down boxes so only flat, clean cardboard is placed in the designated bins, allowing space for more items.

Materials made of metal, paper, glass, and plastic, may be placed in the other bins, which are also labeled.

For now, the cardboard sorting bins are only located at Austintown Township Park.

The sorting does not apply to curbside pickup.