Youngstown Granite & Quartz has donated 120 bikes to various non-profit organizations throughout the Valley on Thursday for National Bike Month.

During the month of May, Youngstown Granite & Quartz ran a promotion where with each sale made, the company would purchase a bicycle for a child in need. In total, 120 bikes were purchased and were spread out among five Valley non-profits.

The Warren Family Mission got 24 bikes, City Care Kids in Youngstown got 40, Beaver County Communitycycle got 40 and 16 went to various local kids in need.

The bikes were dropped off at the Warren Family Mission Thursday afternoon.

Youngstown Granite & Quartz Marketing Manager, Mariyah Hill tells 21 News the response to this campaign was very positive and that promotions like this could become a recurring thing for the company.

"I think we're definitely going to do something like this yearly and other donations throughout the year as well because we do get a lot of support from our community," Hill said.

Hill says the bikes donated to the Warren Family Mission will be rolled out around Christmastime stating that bicycles are one of the most requested gifts from the Mission.