A former Wilmington Area School District choir director was sentenced on Thursday for having sexual relations with a student.

According to court documents, 27-year-old Olivia Ortz was sentenced to five years of probation with the first nine months of which to be served on house arrest with electronic monitoring on a charge of sexual conduct with a student.

Ortz was also ordered to have no contact with the victim and must forfeit her teaching license. 

The charge stems from an incident brought to light in 2022 by Ortz's husband who also works for the school in which she invited a 17-year-old female student to her home while her husband was away. 

Police say the student initially considered Ortz to be a safe person to talk to about personal and relationship issues and the two texted each other in and out of school.

While at Ortz's house, police say she and the teen snuggled on her couch before eventually having sex in her bedroom. This continued even after Ortz's husband found out about the sexual relationship.

Investigators say the two exchanged 100 messages over a two-day period until the teen's father took her communication devices away from her.