WARNING: This story contains details that some readers may find graphic or disturbing

Warren Township Police are investigating after a man allegedly violently attacked a mother and kicked her baby across a room.

According to a police report from Warren Township, police were dispatched to a home on the 3700 Block of West Market street in reference to a domestic violence call.

Upon arrival, police spoke to the female victim who they say had facial injuries from a man identified as 26-year-old Tyrell Williams. Police say the incident itself occurred at a home on the 1800 Block of Sixth Street SW.

Police say after Williams allegedly hit the victim, she and a witness fled to the police department in fear that Williams may return.

Police observed two large contusions on the victim's forehead and say her eyes were swollen and red. Police also say the victim's nose was swollen and cut open and that she had marks on her neck.

When asked if she was strangled, the victim told police she wasn't sure, but Williams hit her and possibly bit her.

Police say this all started with Williams came to the victim's home to tell her he was done with her. When the victim told him to pack his stuff and leave, police say he started striking her with closed fists.

Additionally, Williams and the victim's one-year-old son was at the scene at the time and police observed a mark on the right side of the child's face and say his lip was slightly bloody.

Police spoke to the grandmother of the child who told police that she had video footage of Williams attacking the baby. Police described the video as "hard to watch."

21 News has obtained a copy of the video, which police say shows Williams kicking the child in the face and once again kicking him across the floor followed by punching him and assaulting the mother, body slamming her while she was holding the baby.

The contents of this video are also detailed in the police report.

According to court records, a warrant has been issued for Williams' arrest along with a criminal complaint filed in Warren Municipal Court showing charges of Domestic Violence and Endangering Children.

The complaint states that Williams was previously convicted of domestic violence back in 2018.