A woman who operated a Halloween destination on Youngstown’s Eastside is also accused of being the brains behind an alleged arson-for-profit scheme that pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars and spanned three counties.

A secret 19-count indictment handed up by the Mahoning County Grand Jury charges 71-year-old Patricia Floyd, and her 38-year-old daughter Kyrene Rodriguez with multiple counts of aggravated arson, aggravated theft, grand theft, insurance fraud, tampering with records, and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

The Ohio Attorney General alleges that Floyd is the leader of an organization whose major aim was to defraud insurance companies.

Floyd lives at 2061 Atkinson Avenue in Youngstown which serves as both a farm and a commercial Halloween business, which according to Facebook is the site known as Frightmare Forest.

Floyd allegedly arranged to have the home at 2061 Atkinson torched on February 4, 2016. Arson investigators found traces of an accelerant in four locations around the home.  The indictment says Floyd collected $260,236 in insurance claims from the fire.

While investigating that fire, authorities found a tractor that had been reported stolen from Ashtabula County.  The owner of that tractor, Heather Kellar, collected a $30,000 insurance claim. Investigators allege that the purported burglary had been set up so Kellar could make the claim.

Ted Wynn of Youngstown, who was also charged in the case, allegedly transported the tractor to the Atkinson address.

Investigators say Kyrene Rodriguez took part in arson at a Lordstown home owned by Kellar.

Kellar, formerly known as John  Kellar, allegedly gave Kyrene Rodriquez a car in exchange for setting fire to Kellar’s home at 2328 Carson Salt Springs Road on December 10, 2022.

As the house was being rebuilt, investigators say a second fire was set to burn it down.

State Farm Insurance paid out $264,480 in claims for the fires.

Rodriguez was also allegedly involved in the fires at 2061 Atkinson Rd and another property owned by her husband, Juan Rodriquez at 2036 Atkinson Rd in Youngstown.

Investigators say the couple’s home at 2036 Atkinson burned to the ground on August 19, 2015. Although prosecutors say no one lived at the home, Rodriguez collected $336,577 from an insurance company.

Prosecutors say in addition to planning for a fire at the property he co-owned with his wife Kyrene, he also played a role in a counterfeiting operation.

Another person implicated in the alleged scheme, Jessica Gonzalez, at Floyd’s request or with her assistance, burglarized a home on Garland Avenue, according to the indictment.  The Attorney General believes the crime was committed to destroy evidence implicating the gang in criminal activities possibly.

The indictment also accuses Floyd of collecting $30,000 in Social Security benefits while neglecting to tell the government that she had been paid $290,000 for mineral rights.

Floyd and her daughter, who were booked into the Mahoning County jail on Tuesday, are the only remaining defendants in the case.  The others have already pleaded guilty to reduced or amended charges and have yet to be sentenced. Those other defendants could be called to testify against Floyd and Rodriguez.