Some people in the Canfield community are coming together to spread awareness about the upcoming school levy.

Several teachers, board members, former city officials, and parents spent Thursday evening at Cocoa's Pizza to discuss ways to raise funds and gain more support from Canfield voters. About 40 individuals are a part of the Committee to Support Canfield Schools. 

The 7.5 mill, $104.9 million bond levy would cover the district's renovation plan that builds a new Pre-K through 4 school, a new middle school and renovates the current high school.

The levy is $21.88 dollars per $100,000 of a home's value over 37 years. 

There is a fundraiser planned at the Kensington Bar & Grille patio on Friday, Sept. 22. Teachers and fire department resource officers will be there to discuss why the levy is needed. Tickets will be offered for a bourbon raffle and $1k in cash. 

"Some of the same schools that I went to are still operating," explained Richard Duffett, former Mayor of Canfield and member of the Committee to Support Canfield Schools. "I went to CH Campbell, I went to the middle school. They're very old now and they have problems. And it's time for us to do new facilities."

Committee members say a common misconception is the cost of the project. Organizers say the new school and upgrade will improve safety for students and increase property values.  

"Canfield has good property values but enhancing the schools will increase the property values because more people will want to move here," Duffett added. "Also, new schools are built with security in mind besides the educational process." 

The Master Plan includes the following:

  • New PK-4 school at Hilltop site ($40.7M)
  • New 5-8 middle school at CVMS site ($46M)
  • Building a second gym with the new middle school ($3.6M)
  • Select renovations to Canfield High School ($15M)
  • Abate or demolish Canfield Village Middle School and CH Campbell Elementary School ($1.7M, $524K)
  • Hilltop Elementary repurposed for Board of Education administration

Canfield taxpayers can figure out how much it will cost them on the website,

Superintendent Knoll said the board currently does not have an alternative way to fund the master plan if the levy doesn't pass. "We don't have a plan B. If it doesn't pass, the board will have to regroup and create another plan," he told 21 News in July. 

To support the Committee to Support Canfield Schools, contact them at [email protected]. For volunteer opportunities, email Pat Sculli at [email protected]

Checks can be paid to Committee to Support Canfield Schools and mailed to 41 Woodland Run Canfield, Ohio 44406. 

A GoFundMe account is also available.