Police are revealing more details regarding the assault of a Youngstown police officer in the lobby of the Youngstown Police Department late Thursday morning.

According to a police report, a male, later identified as 25-year-old Keishaun Sims of Austintown entered the police department shortly before 11:00 a.m. and demanded to speak to a manager, but did not provide a reason why.

Police say the officer on duty told Sims that he could not refer him to anyone without a reason and asked him to leave, but he continued "rambling on and not making sense."

Eventually, police say the officer told Sims he believed him to be in need of mental health care, which agitated him even more.

Police say at this point, the officer left the desk and went into the lobby to speak with Sims in a more personable manner continuously asking him to leave, when without warning, Sims allegedly began striking the officer hitting him in the left side of the face and head.

Other officers quickly arrived on the scene to assist in apprehending Sims. Police say the officer suffered "likely serious injuries" from the altercation. After the altercation, 21 News crews observed a damaged window in the lobby.

Sims was taken to the Mahoning County Jail where he is charged with Assault on a Peace Officer, Menacing, Obstructing Official Business, Aggravated Robbery and Intimidation.

Jail employees tell 21 News Sims was very uncooperative when he got to the jail so employees were unable to take his mug shot immediately upon booking.