21 WFMJ archives / September 14, 1954 | Jets from the Youngstown Air Force Base buzzed the Columbiana County Fairgrounds to lend an air of authenticity to the Civil Defense rally attended by 8,500 people 69 years ago.

September 14 

1998: Mary Ann Allgood, a teacher at Youngstown West Elementary School for 17 years, is elected president of the Youngstown Education Association, narrowly defeating John Senzarin, who headed the union for 11 years and through three teachers' strikes. 

Old North Baptist Church in Canfield is filled to capacity by mourners attending a memorial service for Barry and Julie Colmery, who died in the crash of a Swissair plane off Nova Scotia. 

Artist Bob Barko Jr., who has commemorated Idora Park with a lithograph, wants to further honor the former park on Youngstown's South Side by reopening its ballroom. 

1983: A group of several dozen parents of students at Woodrow Wilson High School attend a Youngstown Board of Education meeting to voice their opposition to Wilson being one of the buildings that could be closed in the 1984-85 school year. 

Shenango Valley Osteopathic Hospital in Farrell, Pa., announces it will lay off 24 employees, primarily nurses’ aides and clerks, effective Sept. 25. 

Members of the Lordstown Teachers Association go on strike after unanimously rejecting a counteroffer from the Lordstown Board of Education. 

1973: The Youngstown Consumer Protection Agency is so flooded with complaints that it is two weeks behind in answering them and may stop taking complaints from outside the city. 

Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. announces that his company has closed a deal to purchase Balmoral race track in Crete, Ill.

Mahoning Common Pleas Judge Clyde Osborne finds Youngstown school teacher John Pohlod, a negotiator for the YEA during a teachers' strike, guilty of contempt of court after Pohlod admitted on the stand that he violated a return-to-work court order. 

1948: Sarah J. Peterson, one of the most influential people in education in Youngstown's history, dies in South Side Hospital after falling at her home. She was 92 years old.

Robert Morain, 7, loses his left hand, and two companions are injured when an aerial torpedo exploded behind a garage on Indianola Avenue. 

A trip from Elkhart, Ind., home to Canfield was eventful for William McCaffrey, 28, and his wife, Edna; after William stopped for gas, resumed the trip and did not realize that Edna was no longer napping in the backseat. She was 30 miles away, back at the gas station.