From airpods to laptops to jewelry and cars, people lose and forget a lot of things at airports. In Pittsburgh, they plan to auction those items off for the 12th year in a row.

On October 7th, the Pittsburgh International Airport will host its 12th annual auction to offload some of those items. Doors open to the event, which takes place at the Heavy Equipment Building on Cargo Road, at 8:30 am. The auctions begin at 10:00. 

This year, over 150 electronic devices, 200 pieces of jewelry, and 10 cars will cross the auction block.

According to Blue Sky News, a publication of the Pittsburgh International Airport, the items span from headphones to decorative eggs and even cars left in the parking lot.

Also included in this years sale? Bright blue size 16 sneakers, python skin cowboy boots, a Burberry coat, a Marc Jacobs bag, a mini keyboard and microphone, a chess board, and playing cards. 

Items that people lose or leave at the airport are first put in the airport's lost and found. If they remain unclaimed after 30 days, it goes into a warehouse until it can either be donated to charity or put into the annual auction.

In the case of cars, police and state officials usually try to contact the owners after the car has sat for 45 days. Once those officials deem the cars abandoned, they are turned over to the airport and made available for the auction.