The Mahoning Valley has a rich history in manufacturing dating back more than a century.

The steel mills were what kept the valley thriving until September 19, 1977, better known as "Black Monday," the beginning of the end for the local steel industry.

All across the country more of the same, when manufacturing employment peaked in 1979, but has since struggled to regain the prominence it once had.

Now, the Trivium Packaging plant in Youngstown is hoping to help manufacturing make a come-back in the valley.

"The message to the community is that we're here and here's an opportunity, a career in front of you," said Trivium Packaging Manager, Michael Wood.

They want to engage the youth in all the different areas of work this plant has to offer.

"Many of the folks that start in this, there's a career path for them. We print, so we have folks that have graphics degrees," said Wood. "We have folks that are more mechanically inclined that like to work with their hands and troubleshoot more. Drawing them in is just one event, having them see it, engaging with their schools, the other side is just seeing this environment," he said.

If the job itself doesn't attract the youth, maybe the pay will.

"Our pay starts off for operators a little over $21 dollars an hour, we'll work up to right under $24 within the first year. Then after two years, assuming that, that individual completed all their training, they can make $25 an hour plus incentives," Wood said.

Wood hopes the youth will move in to replace the baby boomers who will soon retire.

"Long term, we're working through the largest generation, you know, the baby boomers and then the generation after that so there's going to be a lot of open positions and this business is growing," he said.