Hunters taking part in Mill Creek MetroPark's effort to reduce the number of deer in the local herd range from a teenager to 55 years old.

According to data from the park and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, 38 deer were taken during the first ten days of the controlled hunt.

The youngest hunter, a 16-year-old girl, used a crossbow to bring down a doe.

The 28 other hunters were men who used either crossbows or longbows between October 1 and October 10.

Most of the deer harvested have been females. Five were male with antlers less than three inches long, known as button bucks.  Five antlered deer were taken, including a 14-point buck shot by a 30-year-old hunter using a crossbow.

Six hunters reported multiple kills, with four harvesting two deer each. One hunter shot three deer, while another claimed four.

Mill Creek MetroParks officials say hunters have been successful in the following areas:

  • Collier Preserve
  • Hitchcock Woods
  • Huntington Woods
  • MetroParks Farm
  • Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sawmill Creek Preserve
  • Vickers Nature Preserve

Controlled hunting is taking place from Oct.1 through the end of January 2024.

Archers are allowed to hunt from Oct.1 to Dec.1 then firearm hunters will be permitted in the parks from Dec.2 to the end of January. A total of 331 hunters will be allowed in the park throughout the season.