A seven-year-old boy who was shot at a home on Youngstown's south side has died.
Police are not releasing many details but say at this time it appears to be an accidental shooting. 
There are some safety measures any parent who has a gun in his or her house can help keep thier kids safe.
Shortly after 8 this morning the child was shot at a home in the 300 block of Marmion Avenue.
Youngstown officers began life-saving measures waiting for paramedics to arrive. 
The seven-year-old was rushed to the hospital but died. 
Youngstown detectives say in the early stages of this investigation it appears this was an accidental shooting but will not tell us if the boy shot himself or if another child in the house shot him. 
Youngstown's Law Director Jeff Limbian says anytime a child under age 18 is shot or shoots someone there is a possibility of criminal charges such as child endangering being filed.
"If you're talking about a gun around a child of tender years, then you're talking about recklessness, or negligence, or purposeful or with knowledge. I mean some adult has done something that is reckless or negligent at the very least," Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian said.
Limbian says gun owners who have children and teens at home or who visit should invest in a gun lock for each device. Limbian emphasizes it can help protect a family from a lifetime of grief.
"It can save the heartache of families, neighbors, friends, and the entire community. We're all devastated about the prospect of the loss our city suffered this morning and it's not the first time it happened here. It's got to be the last time.  
Gun locks are easy to use. 
Their cost ranges from 4 dollars and up online and in stores. 
Limbian says the city may want to look again at restarting its free gun lock giveaway program that ended years ago.
Neighbors who didn't want to talk on camera said they'd miss seeing the nice young boy who would play outside with his brothers and dog, and who would say hello on school mornings and wish them a good day from the bus stop. 
Youngstown police say they have not yet ruled out other possibilities and are still continuing to investigate the death.