A 19-year-old Mercer man is free on $10,000 bond after state police say he confessed to driving his pickup truck through three hayfields in Mercer County.

Noah Krofcheck was arraigned before a district magistrate on nine criminal counts including multiple charges of agricultural crop destruction and trespassing.

Krofcheck is accused of off-roading in a Chevy Silverado through alfalfa fields off Woodland Road in Springfield Township on October 15.

The farmer told investigators that hay would no longer grow this season at the sites of the damage.

In addition, the damage caused rocks to be unearthed, which can damage hay-bailing equipment.

Another court hearing for Krofcheck is set for November 13.

Krofchek faces similar charges for an incident two weeks earlier involving a construction company’s stolen dump truck used to run down nine mailboxes, and several road signs, as well as through fields of alfalfa and clover along Old Mercer Road, causing nearly $8,000 in damage.

Police used a video posted on Snapchat and a GPS locator on the truck, leading to the arrest of Krofchek and two other suspects.

A December 4 court date is set for Krofcheck, 19-year-old Ryan Long of Grove City, and 23-year-old Noah Wilson of Stoneboro who each are charged with agricultural crop destruction, theft, and twelve counts of criminal mischief.