The Sweet Memories Vintage Tee and Candy shop has expanded to now include vintage toys. The shelves are packed with toy’s from every decade including the original big wheel, the Evel Knievel stunt bike, slinky’s and much more. 

Owner and founder, Linda Barton said it was natural to open up a toy section after hearing stories from customers about how much nostalgia the candy shop brought back. 

“We fell in love with people coming in and telling stories about how they remember this candy when they were a kid and this was so cool and they remembered playing this game and playing parcheesi while they’re eating their jolly ranchers,” she said. 

Barton started her vintage clothing line back in 2020. Portions of those sales go towards several different charities including the NICU clinic at Akron Children’s Hospital who they have raised more then $40,000 for. Barton opened her Sweet Memories Tee’s and Candy store in February of 2023 and then decided to add on the toy section in November of 2023.

She said, as a one woman-owned business it was difficult to get orders of the toys once she found them.

“A lot of people didn't even want to talk to me and then after I explained to them ‘listen this is in addition to my retail apparel line. I already have licensing agreements with over 78 different brands so I’m only bringing in toys as an add on to what we're doing anyway.’ Then I think they took me a little bit more seriously,” Barton said. 

She’s recently tried to incorporate more brands that were founded in the area and that’s where the idea for the Idora Park partnership came in. Sweet Memories has an entire corner of the store dedicated to Idora Park with their vintage soda line and several tee shirts inspired by the historic park. A portion of those sales benefit the Idora Park Experience.

“I was blown away at the passion that they have for the history,” Barton said about Jim and Toni Amey, the owners of the Idora Park Experience. “They selflessly found all these relics and traveled all over the United States to bring them back to the area to restore them and showcase them for the community.”

Sweet Memories is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is located at 1282 Trumbull Ave Suite A1 in Girard.