Ohioans are getting an opportunity to put their wit and wisdom on display this winter.

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission has announced the eight winners of its third annual Name-a-Snowplow contest.

Participants had until mid-November to submit entries, from which the Commission selected 30 names for a public vote. The voting period ended on December 6.

Below are the eight snowplow names that received the most votes and the names of their creators:

  • Blades of Flurry - Cameryn Wise
  • Hang on Scoopy - Steven Borzymowski
  • We're Off to See the Blizzard - Phillip Metro
  • Scoop! There it is - Annette Soule
  • Fast and Flurrious - David Kelso
  • Don't Flurry Be Happy - Denise Hocevar-Rendlesham
  • Who Let the Plows Out - Christie Williamson
  • I've Got Friends in Snow Places - Jacqueline Flowers

Each winner will receive a $100 gift card, courtesy of the Ohio Turnpike.

Eight unique names will be assigned to eight snowplow trucks in service at the eight maintenance buildings located along the 241-mile Ohio Turnpike in the cities of Pioneer, Swanton, Elmore, Castalia, Amherst, Richfield, Windham, and Canfield.

The contest is designed to serve as a reminder that roadway safety needs to be top-of-mind during the winter driving season