More bad news is coming for drivers using the Ohio Turnpike in 2024.

The heavily traveled highway's toll rates will increase on Jan. 1, 2024. The toll rate for E-ZPass customers will be $0.065 per mile in 2024, compared to the $0.061 from 2023.

The toll rate in 2024 will increase to $0.204 per mile, up from $0.189 per mile for E-ZPass customers driving commercial vehicles like semi-truck.

Ohio E-ZPass customers with passenger vehicles will continue to save an average of 33% on toll rates compared to cash/credit card paying customers.

Despite the toll rate increases, the Ohio Turnpike still has some of the lowest toll rates in the county, according to the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission.

The toll rate adjustment was to meet operating, debt, service, and capital costs, according to the commission, which says they rely primarily on toll revenue to maintain and operate the Ohio Turnpike.

The toll rate adjustment will specifically help maintain the Ohio Turnpike's infrastructure, including bridge, roadway, and other projects, according to the commission.

The Federal Highway Administration says that the cost of highway design, construction, and maintenance is at an all time high, and that inflation in the roadway construction sector is more extreme compared to the general economy.

These costs include the price of materials, crude oil, and fuel, have increased significantly since December 2020.