Property owners in Mahoning County can get a glimpse at their current tax bills online as of Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Mahoning County Auditor Ralph Meacham announced that his office's website has information about what property tax bills will look like in March 2024.

According to Meacham, while tax rates remain the same, property owners will pay more due to increased property values. Mahoning County saw a total average residential increase of 38.14% this time.

The exact valuation increase and the amount you owe in taxes depends on which community you live in.

Beginning January 16, you can check your property tax numbers on the Mahoning County Auditor's website by following the below link:

Ohio law requires all county Auditors to reappraise each parcel in their county every six years.   The reappraisal process involves an "on-foot or drive-by" inspection of the exterior of properties to obtain accurate information regarding buildings and homes in Mahoning County. 

The information obtained through the inspections combined with sales data was used in determining individual appraisal values for taxation purposes.