The Mahoning Valley Community School just got a large financial boost for its new facility aimed at helping at-risk youths in the valley.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is awarding the Mahoning Valley Community School (MVCS) with $1 million for facility improvements.

"It can be very challenging for families to break through generational hardship, and resources like these are meant to alleviate some of that," said Rep. McNally, who announced the money in a news release. "These dollars, and this facility, will increase the services available for young people, which I am happy to support."

Specifically, the money will go toward the purchase and renovation of their lot and building, enhancing a space to include 17 classrooms, a special needs room, a daycare facility, and a clinical/behavioral room.

This also includes a main office with a board room and administrative offices, a nurse's clinic, a technology office workforce development room and a security office.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $2,453,651.