Last year, the Youngstown Police Department introduced speed cameras in city school zones to catch speeders in the act and issue them citations by mail. Now another Valley community is following in their footsteps.

Campbell Police Chief Kevin Sferra says the city is in the process of installing speed cameras in the city's school zones and all cameras should be up and running by March 6, but some cameras will be issuing citations sooner than that.

Sferra tells 21 News that for every new camera installed, there is a 30-day warning period for drivers. Once those 30 days are up though, those warnings will turn into fines.

These fines will start at $100 and will increase depending on how fast you're going. If you feel you've wrongfully been cited, you can appeal through court. Sferra says the city is still trying to decide if the appeal would be heard by a judge or magistrate.

We're told Campbell will be using the same company as Youngstown for the speed cameras, which is Blue-Line Traffic Solutions.