Rose Carter, the director of ACTION, is calling on legislators to help save Eastern Gateway Community College, as what lies ahead for the institution itself, remains uncertain.

"This is a slap in our face and we're not willing to take it," said Carter. "We are disappointed, we are angry and we are demanding some questions answered," she said.

Together with her community and her group, Carter is making strides toward securing the college's future.

"We're going to have another petition, we're going to see what the people want and then take that information especially to President Johnson," Carter said.

Although Youngstown State University is stepping in to give EGCC students a home, Carter still worries for other inner-city students, who need access to higher education in their own community.

Carter continues, this change effects over 35 percent of their African American students who she says are the most vulnerable "so to speak."

"Our main thing is, what will happen to Eastern Gateway Community College Youngstown," said Carter. "Thank you, YSU for doing something in Steubenville, but what about our city," she said.

Carter says she has an upcoming meeting with State Rep Lauren McNally and is reaching out to Mayor Tito Brown, a councilperson and any others who could offer some help.