It's been just over one week since 25 workers at T&W Stamping in Austintown went on strike for alleged unfair labor practices. As of Wednesday, we're told no negotiations have been reached yet and the strike is still going on.

According to a press release from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, 25 workers in the Boilmakers Local 1622 union began an unfair labor practice strike on Monday, March 25 to protest illegal actions from T&W.

21 News previously spoke with the union's Director of Research and Collective Bargaining Don Hamric who told us the union and T&W had been negotiating a new contract for quite some time.

According to the release, the union and T&W have been attempting to renegotiate new contract since November of 2023 when the previous contract expired.

Hamric alleged multiple instances of illegal activity from T&W Stamping including what's called "regressive bargaining." In other words, Hamric has accused the company of removing one of the proposals it had previously offered.

Additionally, Hamric accused the company of prematurely implementing a part of the company's proposals before the two parties could reach an agreement.

"They've prematurely implemented some of our proposals that we don't have agreement on. They've threatened some of our committee with some jobs that they have as if,  if they didn't comply, their jobs were in jeopardy," Hamric said.

Union president Nick Dewell was quoted in a press release stating the union is simply asking for the company to go back to the bargaining table and bargain in good faith.

"We hoped it wouldn't come to [an unfair labor practices strike] ... but this is no way to treat the workers who have made them successful and we can't let this unfair treatment prevail," Dewell said.

Hamric says the union wants to strike a good deal with the company, but as it stands, these employees have been placed in a "no-win situation."

"These guys feel like it's a do or die situation that they have to deal with here," Hamric said.

Hamric says the union has put in requests to continue bargaining, but has filed unfair labor practice charges against the company. There is no timeline regarding the National Labor Relations Board's review of the filing at this time.

In the meantime, the strike will continue until an agreement is reached.

21 News has reached out to T&W regarding the strike and status of negotiations, but the company declined to comment.