A Boardman woman has been accused of stealing over $36,000 from her former employer in Canfield.

According to a police report, the victim, who owns a business in Canfield began speaking with police in December of 2023 regarding an employee who had been stealing a large sum of money from the business since 2019.

Police say around this time, a service the business uses received a phone call from a patient complaining that she keeps getting billed for a $179 balance for a visit she paid cash for and had a receipt for.

The call was forwarded to the company's director of reimbursement who told the complainant that this was suspicious and unaccounted for.

Following this call, the company pulled all cash transactions from its system from an employee identified as Kathryn Husak, who police say is the only person who takes money in the office.

Police say the software the company uses can track the entered transaction and record whether it's been changed and logs who was using the computer at the time.

According to the report, multiple instances of altering and deleting were found, so the company went back to Husak's starting date, which was in April of 2019.

Police say multiple improprieties were found dating back to around the time Husak started working for the company. Police say around $58,000 in total was found to be missing.

The owner of the company told police he confronted Husak about this matter, but she denied involvement. Police say when she was shown her termination paperwork noting the loss of $58,000, she admitted she may have taken a few hundred dollars here or there, but not that much.

Police say Husak tried to place the blame on other employees as well.

According to police, Husak had been taking cash payments from patients, entering the transaction into the system, altering the receipt to a lower payment and then taking the rest for herself.

Police say in some instances, Husak erased the whole transaction from the system and took all of it for herself. Police say instances like this accounted for most of the missing money.

According to the report, a total of $36,841.32 was stolen from the company by Husak.

In late January, charges of theft and tampering with records were filed against Husak. She turned herself in to the court on February 2.

According to Common Pleas Court records, Husak was indicted on March 14 on two counts of grand theft and one count of tampering with records.

She was arraigned on these charges on Tuesday and is due back in court April 10.