A Goshen-township woman accused of taking payments for puppies she never provided - stood before a judge in Sebring today

April Waidman, a breeder of English Bulldogs and Dachshunds confronted three victims who say they paid her for puppies they never received, nor got a refund.

Thursday's civil cases involved victims from Struthers, Massillon and Newport, Ohio with similar stories of putting paid-in-full deposits on puppies.

"This is the matter of a breeder who did not carry out her contract after I paid her in-full the amount of $1,600 on June 4, 2023.", said Kassandra Maillis, a Struthers resident.

Each of the stories like a song with a different title, but a tune that sounded the same.

"She was nice at first, very nice.", said Barbara Jasinski, who sought to purchase two Dachshunds, four years after her last companion passed away.  She forked over $1,400 but says she received nothing in return.

"She told us she'd give us first pick, but she never offered a pup so I kept requesting a refund.", said Stephanie Moore, making the trip from Massillon.  

Moore paid her $1,800 in May of 2022.

"We sat through four failed litters and kept getting a run around as to why we couldn't get a dog.", added Maillis, who spoke to 21 News earlier this month.

Between the three victims, $4,650 all of which Mahoning County Judge Joe Schiavoni ordered Waidman to pay.

"We're going to do $150 per month if that's okay with you and I understand that's going to take awhile.", Schiavoni said to one of the victims.

Waidman will pay all three victims that monthly amount starting May 1. 

She was also arraigned on a pair minor misdemeanors for failure to register dogs. She pled not guilty and will be back in court on April 4th.

21 News approached April Waidman for a response but she declined to comment.