Governor Mike DeWine announced he is activating the Ohio Emergency Operations Center to support local communities before, during, and after Monday's solar eclipse.

"There is no better place to experience the eclipse than in Ohio, the Birthplace of Aviation and the heart of aerospace," said DeWine. "While we are confident that our local communities have fully prepared for the influx of spectators, having our Emergency Operations Center at the ready will allow us to respond if any unexpected needs arise." 

Starting on Sunday, members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio Adjutant General's Department, Ohio Fire Marshal's Office, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and the departments of transportation, natural resources, administrative services, and job and family services will meet at the EOC in Columbus to prepare resources for local partners he ask for support.

The EOC activation comes after the executive order issued last month that directed all state departments and agencies to prepare to help out local communities during the eclipse.

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency has also been working with state, local, and private partners to prepare for the increased demand for gas, food, shelter, traffic, and cell phone services.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is going to increase the its staffing levels as well as activate its aviation unit to enhance traffic safety services and emergency response. Extra troopers will also be available to support local law enforcement on request.

The state parks are also going to have in increase in the number of law enforcement staff members at parks and wildlife areas near the path of totality.