On Monday, 21 News reported on two Poland organizations that are at odds over a proposed ban on alcohol sales at Poland Village events. 

In recent weeks, some village leaders have made strides to stop a local non-profit from selling beer at an upcoming event. But the tides may have settled for now, after non-profit leaders said they would not host a fundraiser the same weekend as Poland's most popular event during Tuesday's council meeting.

Local members of a veteran's charity group called Task Force 20 were hoping to host a fundraiser this June at Poland's American Legion Post. The event would offer a beer tent and was scheduled to take place on the same weekend as Celebrate Poland, June 29.

"When the crowd is the size of Celebrate Poland, the responsibility is that much bigger so we take that seriously," said Cindy Best, President of Celebrate Poland. "Where it is located is so very close to where they shoot off the fireworks. It's a liability that we're just not willing to take."

Task Force 20's Luke Schuster withdrew his liquor application during Tuesday's council meeting, after receiving much pushback from the Celebrate Poland committee and some village leaders. The non-profit applied for a permit to sell alcohol through the state. The village was attempting to pass a resolution to prohibit alcohol at any Poland event.

"We didn't want to bring them down with this resolution," said Luke Schuster, Organizer of Task Force 20. "So we said we would back off but we plan on doing events like these in the future on another day other than Celebrate Poland. We hope we don't get any grief from the council."

"It's the best-case scenario for the community," Best said. "It's something that sadly should have never happened. Let's move forward. Let's work together and we can offer some amazing times for the community."

Schuster told 21 News the event was successfully held last year and no type of safety issues occurred. He said publicly in the meeting he does not believe there is any pushback from Celebrate Poland or village leaders regarding the purpose of the fundraiser, but rather allowing alcohol at the event. 

"We each need to hold each other accountable for continuing to come back together again and do the proper things to make our community stronger," said Michael Zembower, Poland Councilman. "I don't foresee the passing of a resolution that interferes, impedes, or gets in the way of other organizations or simply creates divide amongst organizations on the same date gives us that opportunity."

"If non-profits have a right to have an event without interference, then Celebrate Poland has that principal too," said Council President Michael Thompson. "Celebrate Poland's event needs to be respected. We have this event that costs an enormous amount of money and they rely on the funds they raise that day. And to disrespect that was the most concerning aspect of the situation. I deeply respect Mr. Schuster's choice to withdraw the worrisome application."

Celebrate Poland's committee agrees fundraisers for veterans are necessary and important but they're standing firm on not wanting alcohol involved in the big event.

"A lot of our community groups took a step forward and I'm happy trying to help heal where we've been fighting," Schuster said. "I think our community is going to be stronger before this is all over."

The village voted to table the resolution to prohibit alcohol at any Poland event, which will be discussed at the next village meeting.

The non-profit plans to hold a similar event sometime this fall.