A photographer based out of Trumbull County had taken a photo to commemorate the total solar eclipse on April 8. Little did she know that one photo would captivate people across the country.

21 News caught up with Rebecca Nieminen, owner of Storyteller Photography images by Rebecca, who tells us the picture shown above was taken at a cemetery in Ashtabula County.

Nieminen wanted to capture a photo of the eclipse during totality with a tall object in the foreground and the eclipse overhead. After pondering what this object could be, she decided on an angel statue in an old cemetery in Windsor, Ohio.

Nieminen tells 21 News this photo captured the spiritual feel of the eclipse.

After Nieminen took the picture, it was featured on Lake Erie Living Magazine's Facebook page where it gained significant traction currently sitting at over 7.6 thousand reactions, 280 comments and over 2,000 shares.

On Nieminen's personal photography page, a post including the photo and its backstory received another 1.7 thousand reactions, 197 comments and 500 shares.

With all these shares came folks contacting Nieminen to order prints of the photo from the Mahoning Valley and across the country. Nieminen says the amount of orders she's received has been overwhelming.

If you'd like to purchase a print of the photo for yourself, you can visit Nieminen's Facebook page where her contact information is listed.