Alcohol being present at events in the East Palestine Park is now a reality.

East Palestine Village Council voted 'yes' at a meeting on Monday night that will now allow for alcohol at certain events in the park.

East Palestine Village Manager Chad Edwards told 21 News before the vote, no alcohol is allowed in the park at any event whatsoever. However, should council approve this legislation, that could change.

Now that the legislation has passed, event organizers will be able to apply for a permit to serve alcohol at their events in the park. If the permit is granted, event organizers must also have insurance to cover the events

Additionally, organizers will have to have designated roped off areas for alcohol to be purchased and consumed in, and no alcohol will be allowed beyond that point. 

Organizers must also hire security in order to prevent alcohol from leaving that designated area and to keep the events under control.

Council voted on this matter at its meeting Monday night at 7:00 p.m.