Support for one family in the Lakeview community continues to pour in after an unthinkable accident happened at track practice on Friday.

From prayers and encouragement to fundraisers taking place in several communities, it's all in efforts to lend a helping hand to the Placanica family and their son Frankie.

During practice at Lakeview High School, 8th grader Frankie Placanica was struck in the head by a flying discus. While he's continuing to recover at Akron Children's Hospital, the road to recovery will be a long one.

"We will do whatever we can do to help out, to make it feel like they know we're pulling together as a community to surround them with love and prayers," said Lonnie Isenberg, Lakeview softball parent.

After hundreds gathered for a vigil Saturday, Lakeview's softball team hosted a 50/50 fundraiser for the family on Monday and plans to host another Thursday.

"It makes me feel proud quite frankly," Isenberg said. "You walk around and ask people to donate money and time and time again, they do but they kicked in for this effort. So many people said, 'If I win, just donate it back to the cause."

"It's the outpouring of love and support that sets this community apart from others," Superintendent Velina Jo Taylor said. "They will do everything possible to make sure Frankie and his family know they are loved and supported."

From bracelets that read '#FrankieStrong' to several fundraisers being organized by district parents, Superintendent Taylor believes the family has a strong group of supporters working on more plans intended to help the Placanica family.

"The students are also working on a poster for Frankie," she added. "Staff is preparing a greeting and has taken up a collection. It's still pretty fresh, so lots of ideas are being shared but haven't yet been accomplished."

"When something like this happens, it's everyone's child," said Jim Luonuansuu, a family friend. "It's not just Lakeview's child. It's Newton Falls' child. It's Champion's. It's Howland's. It becomes everyone's child."

Champion's Softball team also hosting a 50/50 fundraiser during its upcoming game against Lakeview on Thursday.

"The Champion team reached out to me and said, 'Hey, can we extend this 50/50 to be at their game as well?' So, the community's coming together, Lakeview softball and Champion softball," Isenberg added. "And we've already put the fundraiser out on Facebook."

The water tower located in the heart of Newton Falls lit up blue on Monday as just another community showing a symbol of love to Frankie.

"I've had people reaching out to me already asking what they can do about setting up fundraisers for the future," Luonuansuu added. "We pull together whenever it's needed and we help each other and other communities whenever it's needed."

Contact Lakeview Schools if you wish to donate to the Placanica family during Frankie's recovery.