It's a weekend to celebrate all things birds.

The Big Birding Weekend is back for 2024, a weekend the park hopes to highlight bird conservation but also the unique amount of bird species that move through that area annually.

The second annual Big Birding weekend is from May 17 through the 19th at Mosquito Lake State Park.

It is a weekend that will highlight the park's bird-friendly habitat and a chance to show off the many different species that make the state park a stopping ground along their migratory pattern.

"It's 11 months out of the year we are getting constant migratory birds that are amazing to check out. We would like to put on a festival completely free for anyone that would like to register," says Jason Lee, Mosquito Lake State Park Naturalist. 

The event was inspired by a bird-watching event at Maumee Bay State Park, which is a common feeding ground for migratory birds. This year's weekend has over 40 events, from birding walks and boat rides to building birdhouses, and even live animal shows. The state park hopes that conservation will be a big takeaway from those who attend.

"It's a really good point to bring up that a lot of people don't know the difference between conservation and preservation. Conservation is that we are consuming and using that resource at the same time. So at Mosquito Lake, it's a great example of conservation in action," adds Lee. 

The big birding weekend coincides with active big migration over Mosquito Lake. According to BirdCast, an app that tracks bird migration, over 18.2 million birds have migrated through the area since the Spring season has begun and with an active migration forecast on the horizon, birders will have plenty of birds to spot this weekend.

"Right now, the Warbler, which is a group of songbird. That's the big push, you look for people looking for the Warblers. You can always see Osprey, and we have Eagles out on the lake. A lot of people, when I went to Maumee Bay, were excited to see an Eagle. We have over 30 nesting pairs on Mosquito Lake," says Lee. 

If you are interested in registering, you will have to register for the boat excursions in person, but the remainder of the events can be registered for by following this link: BIG BIRDING WEEKEND REGISTRATION