Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins made an appearance in Columbus on Wednesday to voice his support for House Bill 392, which would permit the use of nitrogen hypoxia to carry out the death penalty in Ohio.

Watkins addressed the House Oversight Committee stating that lethal injections were successfully used in the execution of three different inmates in Trumbull County.

Watkins went on to bring up current death row inmates in Trumbull County like Stanley Adams and Danny Lee Hill stating that he wants to see the victims of these inmates' respective crimes get closure after several decades.

Watkins said the state should do whatever is necessary to bring closure to these victims' families.

"If it includes nitrogen gas, I'm for it. If it includes a firing squad, I'm for it," Watkins said.

"This monster killer [Stanley Adams] has not filed any appeals in more than seven years. It is all final, all that is left is for the government to do its duty and execute the judgment of the court," Watkins said

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was also present at this hearing. Yost said pharmaceutical companies refusing to sell Ohio the necessary drugs impedes the state's ability to carry out justice.

"This bill will put an end to the stalemate and restore Ohio's sovereign power to act," Yost said.

Ohio Prosecutors' Association Executive Director Lou Tobin added that nitrogen hypoxia has already been carried out in Alabama and other states like Oklahoma and Mississippi have also approved of it.